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    Theme up now for 12 days and long enough to know it improves my sites analytics. Bounce rate dropped from 54 to 46%. Pages per visit improved from 4 to 5.5. Time on site average improved from 2:40 minutes to 4 minutes.

    Thanks Max!

    Larry Hotz,
    The Kenwood Co.

    Hey Max - I just wanted to let you know that I have been looking for a theme to use with my Real Estate sites. This one meets all the criteria I have been looking for.

      1. It is attractive so potential clients will be drawn to it.
      2. It easily incorporates the functionality necessary for a good website like featured listings, idx, and content.
      3. It is SEO friendly.
      4. A non techie like me can create a good looking functional site at a minimum cost.

    #4 is very important as I have found that it's hard to get the combination of looks and functionality combined with ease of use.

    Great Job!!!

    Wayne and Donna Long,
    Keller Williams


Simple Realty Theme comes with 6 layouts:

  1. Content Sidebarsingle sidebar on the right.
  2. Sidebar Content - single sidebar on the left.
  3. Content Sidebar Sidebar – double sidebars on the right.
  4. Sidebar Sidebar Content – double sidebars on the left.
  5. Sidebar Content Sidebar – single sidebar on the left and on the right of the content.
  6. No Sidebars.

Any of the above layouts can be assigned as defaults, to the following page types:

  • Home Page (Front Page)
  • Blog Main Page (Index)
  • Page
  • Single Post
  • Search Results Page
  • 404 Page
  • Archives

Simple Realty Theme also comes with 7 Page Templates, which can be used as custom templates in the page editor.  Any of the above layouts can be assigned to these templates as well:

  • Archives Page
  • Listing Page (with tabs)
  • Listing Page (with no tabs)
  • List of Listings
  • Page –  template with an alternative layout from the default one.
  • No Sidebars
  • Links Page

You can also create your own custom templates based on the existing ones, and they will be able to use any of the 6 layouts.

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