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    Theme up now for 12 days and long enough to know it improves my sites analytics. Bounce rate dropped from 54 to 46%. Pages per visit improved from 4 to 5.5. Time on site average improved from 2:40 minutes to 4 minutes.

    Thanks Max!

    Larry Hotz,
    The Kenwood Co.

    Hey Max - I just wanted to let you know that I have been looking for a theme to use with my Real Estate sites. This one meets all the criteria I have been looking for.

      1. It is attractive so potential clients will be drawn to it.
      2. It easily incorporates the functionality necessary for a good website like featured listings, idx, and content.
      3. It is SEO friendly.
      4. A non techie like me can create a good looking functional site at a minimum cost.

    #4 is very important as I have found that it's hard to get the combination of looks and functionality combined with ease of use.

    Great Job!!!

    Wayne and Donna Long,
    Keller Williams


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